Veritas Farm

After training horses professionally in the Netherlands for nine years, Anke Boersma moved to the US in 1989. Please take a look at this overview of some of the horses imported since then. Competition levels mentioned here, are while the horse was trained and shown by Anke Boersma.


  • 1985 Chestnut, 16.2 hands, KWPN gelding
  • Pedigree: Veritas x Thijs x Balthazar
  • Competed at First Level in 1989 (in Holland)
  • Sold to Mark Rijpens, Alpharetta, GA
The sale of this gelding to the US, made the connections in Georgia, which led to the move to the US for Anke Boersma.


  • 1980 Dark Bay, 15.3 hands, "Star" rated KWPN mare
  • Pedigree: Rechter x Marinier x Erathostenos
  • Competed at FEI Level in 1992
  • Sold to Laurie Milks, CA
Waldine at home
Waldine at show
  • 1981, Bay, 16.3 hands, KWPN gelding
  • Pedigree: Kommandeur x Marlando
  • Competed at FEI in 1990
  • Sold to Lisa Dewey, Huntsville, AL
  • 1984 Liver Chestnut, 17.2 hands, "Star" rated KWPN mare
  • Pedigree: Rinaldo x Homerus x Uron
  • Competed in Fourth level in 1992
  • Sold to Kathy Guerten, Leander, TX
Claire halt
Claire trot
  • 1985 Grey, 17 hands, KWPN gelding
  • Pedigree: Transvaal x Eros x Gloriant
  • Competed at FEI Level in 1992
  • Sold to Chilicothe, Il
  • 1992 Chestnut, 17.1 hands, "Star" rated KWPN gelding
  • Pedigree: Bustron x Zandigo x G. Ramiro Z
  • Competed in Fourth Level in 1999
  • Sold to Kim Morgan, Charleston, SC
Kazemier show
Kazemier pasture
  • 1989, Bay, 16.1 hands, "Star rated KWPN gelding
  • Pedigree: Ulft x Pantheon x Monte Carlo
  • Competed at Fourth Level in 1998
  • Sold to Delorez Delrez, Alpharetta, GA
Heros halt
Heros athome
  • 1993 Dark Bay, 16.2 hands, "Star" rated KWPN gelding
  • Pedigree: Zortin x Julio Mariner x Natural
  • Currently competing at FEI level
  • Sold to Nancy Chalmer, Ellijay, GA
Ludo received a Top Ten certificate at the 1999 NA/WPN (American department of the Dutch Warmblood/KWPN studbook) inspection tour. He was the eigth highest scoring gelding in the country, for conformation and movement.

  • 1994 Dark Bay, 16.1 hands, "Star" rated KWPN mare
  • Pedigree: Hemmingway x Farn x Xebec
  • Competed Second level in 1999
  • Sold Elizabeth Lynn, Fairburn, GA
Minerva was the winner of the first ever "Gert vander Veen Award" for the top horse in the country, at the 1999 NA/WPN inspection tour. She also received a top ten award in 1996.
Minerva standing
Minerva trot
  • 1994, Bay, 16.3 hands, KWPN gelding
  • Pedigree: Larno x Zortin x Sultan
  • Competed at Third Level in 2001
  • Sold to Amanda Pennel, Marietta, GA
Magastrono won multiple High Score Awards at Open Shows, in First, Second and Third level.
magastrono 1
Magastrono 2
  • 1998 Bay, 16.2 hands, "Star" rated KWPN gelding
  • Pedigree: Inspekteur x Akteur x Waldo
  • Competed in Second level in 2003
  • Sold to Jennie Hollis, Alpharetta, GA
Ronald placed second for conformation and fifth for movement at the 2004 NA/WPN inspection tour. He also received a Top Ten Award for free-jumping.
Ronald at NA/WPN